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Urban life transformed

tokyo_tower 63x47-clip2

Tokyo Tower takes on a lyrical, mysterious texture on a moonlit wintery night

This magnificent re-interpretation of the iconic Tokyo Tower in the wintery full moon is the initial resident of the Urban section of Kumikie. Available only as a special order in several sizes and as gallery prints.

Please click on the images below in the Image Clip Gallery to bring up a full-scale image.



Gallery Notes

Size (cm) Code
Size in centimeters includes the frame. u-01-or   ORiginal artwork in the Urban Gallery. One size only.
u-01-sp   SPecial order with the artist.
u-01-gg   Available artwork is shown on the Grain Graph page.

Urban Gallery

.. Title Double-click for full view Size (cm) Code
Price JPY
1 Tokyo Tower
(GG only)
tokyo_tower-clip 73 x 57 cm
63 x 47 cm u-01-sp
24 x 19 cm u-01-gg-mini
41 x 32 u-01-gg-small ¥30,000
60 x 43 cm u-01-gg-medium
72 x 57 cm u-01-gg-large
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