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Mr & Mrs Nakamura, and PY

The Kumikie website team: Mrs. Kinue Nakamura, Patricia Yarrow, and Mr. Michio Nakamura. Not pictured: Mr. Issei Nakaya, our dedicated translator between the Nakamura's Japanese and Patricia's English.

Kinue runs the Salon and Japanese Kumikie website. Patricia is a university English instructor. Michio is the artist, and enjoys yoga. Issei (not shown), is our ever patient translator. He lived in New York City for several years before returning home to help his father run a boxing studio.


Kumikie is the creation of Mr. Michio Nakamura. Together with his wife, Kinue, they ran the congenial and picturesque Oopunaa cafe, which is relocating to a nearby spot. Please check here for information about the reopening.

This English website

Patricia Yarrow composes this website using Dreamweaver CS4 on her iMac. Photographs used enjoy a trip through PhotoShop. Otherwise, she is an instructor of English, writing, and travel literature at several universities in Tokyo, enjoys photography, knows far too much than is modest about Japanese sake, and wishes she did about Japanese.

Coming soon:

The Kumikie Japanese website includes the following points of interest for English readers.


Introductions: Michio Nakamura introduces himself and his artwork in English and Japanese.

Explanations: How does Michio Nakamura actually assemble his kumikie artwork? It's amazing!

Photographs: Oopunaa Gallery and Cafe, 〒 190-0181 Tokyo Nishitama Hinodecho Oguno 1470-2 (〒190-0181 東京都西多摩郡日の出町大久野1470-2). Open 11:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. every day except Wednesday. Telephone: 050-3791-3084.


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