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KUMIKIE- English


Kumikie: "an assembly of wood"

An original world crafted from inlaid wood by artist Michio Nakamura

Kumikie illustrations handcrafted from exotic woods is an original art form from Japan.
This is the English website for Kumikie and Michio Nakamura, the artist. Other sources in Japanese:
Michio Nakamura - Facebook for the artist
Oopunaa - Facebook for the Oopunaa (OPENER) Gallery and Cafe
Kumikie - the original Japanese website for Kumikie

2015 Exhibition Schedule

Summer dates in 2015

Exhibition Location

July13〜Aug 9

Tokyo American Club『 Frederick Harris Gallery』 Time: 11:00 a.m. ~ 9:00 p.m.
Venue: Tokyo American Club
Frederick Harris Gallery (B1 floor)
2-1-2 Azabudai Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8649
Tokyo American Club is a Private Club, but non-members can purchase artworks by callings
the internal phone number (670). Phone is located on the cloak desk nest to the gallery.
Cash or credit cards are accepted.
*Non-members are not allowed to enter the club facilities other than the B1 gallery area.
*There is no guest Parking space at Tokyo American Club.
*There is an age restriction for the Gallery. Children under 6 years old are not allowed.
*There is a Dress Code in the Gallery. The following items of dress are excluded at all times;
Exercise wear, Cutoffs, Tank tops (men), Hats and caps (men), Athletic shorts, Beach shoes,
Flip-flops or one-banded slippers.
*The gallery may be used temporarily by club events and guests visit could be limited in
such occasions.

Aug 29 〜Sep 6 Tsuchikawa Shoten 『Basho Kasajyu』
Time: 10:00am ~6:00 pm
930 Miyachi ikeda-cho Ibi-gun Gifu-ken
tel: 0585-45-2120


I happened to encounter wood and developed the art of "Kumikie," an original approach to creating pictures in the form of inlaid wood.
Since my first publication of the "Kumikie" picture book entitled "Furui Mirai" (Old Future), I have further developed the original world of "Kumikie" with picture books, clocks, and wall pictures.



Kumikie artwork is handcrafted and assembled in his studio from selections of exotic wood remaining from creations by furniture makers and artisans. The illustrations in wood give the rescued wood a second life. Each piece is carefully selected for its texture and color and cut into specific shapes using a scroll saw.

What sets Kumikie artwork apart from others is that every individual wood piece is hand-beveled.The subtle effect gives an arresting texture to the composition. Light reflecting off the slender edges invites the eye and hand as well as the imagination to enter into the picture more deeply. Each pieces is also sanded by hand to bring out the grain of the wood before it is set into the picture. Absolutely no paint is applied anywhere.

See the process here: http://www.kumikie.net/make.html


Once assembled, each Kumikie artwork takes its place within the intricately visualized world of Kumikie. This imagined world has a certain tranquility that is often missing in modern life. The story unfolds through animals wild and domesticated, a bearded man of the woods, rural childhood scenes celebrating traditional Japan, an evening in urban Tokyo, and the joys of Christmas.firefly

Mr. Nakamura brings to life this story in two forms: original artwork of astonishing detail, and art gallery quality digital prints. If Kumikie resonates with you, please welcome it into your own home, office, school, or business.


Who is Mr. Michio Nakamura?

Mr. Michio NakamuraMr. Michio Nakamura, a professional illustrator for many years, lives in the wooded hills of western Tokyo. He now illustrates his imaginary Kumikie world in sinuous carvings of exotic wood. Together with his wife, Kinue, they created the delightful Oopunaa (OPENER) Gallery and Cafe. Please stop by.

Mr. Nakamura regularly exhibits in major department stores including Mitsukoshi, Matsuya, and Daimaru as well as American military bases. More information is on the About page.


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